Ultimate Indulgence Massage

$189.00 per person | Treatment Time 80 minutes

Your treatment will start with a refreshing foot wash using our organic peppermint & coconut scrub. Once on your heated massage table, we commence your full body massage with Balinese palming, which enhances relaxation, increases circulation, and balances vulnerable points. Your head to toe massage finishes with a hot towel treatment, and head massage.

Heated Stone Massage

$195.00 per person | Treatment Time 80 minutes

Our heated volcanic stone massage originating from the Hawaiian Islands is an experience you will remember. We rhythmically massage you with our smooth warm oiled stones which create a deeply relaxing sensation, alternating this with the luxury of our ultimate indulgence full body massage.

Heated Herbal Massage

$195.00 per person | Treatment Time 80 minutes

Our heated herbal compresses contain a combination of ginger, bugle, galingale, piduh leaves and pandanus. The compresses are kneaded onto the body to relieve aches and pains and we alternate this with our luxurious Ultimate Indulgence Massage.

Warmed Bamboo Massage

$195.00 per person | Treatment Time 80 minutes

Bamboo massage originating in China, is known for its healing properties, and this deeper and firmer massage works to create an extreme sensation of relaxation and well-being. We begin with a full body dry brushing to exfoliate and enhance circulation, then use our organic bamboo to perform a deep and relaxing full body massage. We complete the treatment with a steamed hot towelling and stress relieving head massage.

Coffee Body Blitz

$249.00 Per Person | Treatment Time 90 Minutes

Caffeine when applied topically to the skin – tightens, provides antioxidants and minimises the appearance of cellulite. This therapeutic treatment starts off with body brushing to stimulate blood flow, then we apply warmed coffee and coconut scrub concentrating on the stomach, legs and hips followed by your therapist applying our rich coffee infused moisturiser to your body, finishing this indulgent treatment with a back, neck and head massage. This is our top selling body treatment as it’s both nurturing, relaxing and beneficial.

Rejuvenating Massage

$135.00 per person | Treatment Time 50 minutes

This is a shorter version of our signature Ultimate Indulgence massage, and is designed for those who don’t have time to spare. You will leave feeling extremely relaxed and wishing you had longer.

Pregnancy Massage

$209 per person | Treatment Time 80 minutes

$189 per person | Treatment Time 60 minutes

Our specialty pregnancy massage begins with an exfoliating coconut and vanilla foot scrub before our therapist ensures you are feeling comfortable on our luxurious memory gel massage table. She will then perform a full body relaxation massage on your side, then lay you on your back so we can complete your treatment with a leg, foot, arm, and scalp massage with our warmed organic coconut oil. Moulded pillows are provided for extra support if needed.

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

$75.00 per person | Treatment Time 30 minutes

This massage is designed to totally relax the back, neck and shoulders, finishing with a hot towel treatment, before beginning your head massage.

Foot Massage

$75.00 per person | Treatment Time 30 minutes

Your feet will be soaked then massaged and exfoliated with our organic peppermint & coconut foot pumice. You then lie back and enjoy a deeply relaxing foot and lower leg massage. We then finish with a hot towel treatment.

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